Matt Jesuele for Congress in the 36th District of California

Hi. I'm Matt Jesuele.

I'm a software engineer, motorcyclist, weightlifter, teacher, traveler, and political activist, running for Congress in 2022 as an independent in California's 36th District.

The newly-drawn 36th District runs along the coast from Santa Monica down to Palos Verdes. Most of its territory is taken from the present 33rd District, represented by Democrat Ted Lieu.

I'm running because special interests, foreign powers, and political partisanship have hijacked Congress. I plan to help restore constitutional government by and for the American people.

I'm also a Christian working to bring the United States back to God.

I'm known around town for the social/political messages on the windows of my white minivan. You can read about my adventures on my blog.

If you live in the new 36th District (see page 39 of this PDF for the rough boundaries, or look up your address at this website) and you’d like to support my campaign by signing my ballot petition, please get in touch with me—I can come to you.

Wherever you live, donations and volunteer help are also greatly appreciated.

My phone number is (213) 700-4741 and my email address is

God bless America.